Sunday, March 11, 2007

Rare Northern Soul: Darius & Terry Edwards

Yesterday I hit up my good friend Brad in Downtown Pomona. He told me he was given a huge lot of 45rpm records, about seven boxes full unsorted, half unsleeved records. The previous owner said all the good stuff was already taken out meaning that all the Elvis records were pulled. So for the next 4 hours I sat and looked through thousands of records, what a way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

I did locate two Northern records: Moments on Stang records 5052 "Where Can I Find Her." A very great record, and it seems that every record on Stang I have found has been a great soul track.

But it's the second record I found "Precious Dove" that threw me for a spin. The record is not on any particular label and looks like a private pressed 45rpm. It even looks like they haven't even fully decided on what they even wanted to call themselves. The label says "Darius & Terry Dane Edwards/ Brother Love" but that looks like it's been crossed out with a pen and replaced with "Sir Dane & Darius". Even the A and B side had been crossed out not even decided what the plug side should be. I checked BMI if anybody has published their songs under those names and I came up with nothing. By the looks of the label and the recording it appeard it's from the Mid-seventies.

But the song "Precious Dove" is fantastic! The recording is a bit thin but it works for this song. The song starts off with fast Curtis Mayfield style congas beats. A few bars into the song the violins and horns start which gives it that Northern feel we all love so much. The rythm guitar and singer are ace and it's just a wonderful song to dance to.

Darius Edwards & Terry Edwards I salute you!

Leonardo Flores

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