Monday, March 12, 2007

Louise Forestier: I Love Mod Women

I love Mod Women. So much style, so much Got It Together Girl About Town attitude. Any girl 40+ years after the fact and is still putting the impression together is a very cultured person.

Well I Love Louise Forestier. She's just way too cool singing on all those Robert Charlebois songs. The picture sleeve alone of Lindbergh is worth the price admission alone. Louise with her cap, Mod Dress, fake eyelashes and eyeliner, Lipstick, and that sexy little grin.

She's a great singer as well. Screaming and making odd sounds in places where most people wouldn't even think to put a melody. The Album to Lindbergh features a cool photo of Robert on guitar and Louise just getting into it, mic in hand. Really she should be an Mod Icon. Every Mod Girl should know who Louise Forestier is. I bet she's still sexy and Cool.

Leonardo Flores

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