Friday, April 13, 2007

Mireille Mathieu

Another lovely that I've been hung up on for years is the great Mireille Mathieu. She's sexy and that's that.

It's always a treat finding her LP's as they always have at least one steller track. And the way she rolls when she sings. She has a commanding and digified presence in her songs. Also the artwork is ace as they always have some killer photo of her. If the record jacket didn't have a record I would be more than satisfied with just her picture on the cover

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Eddie Wuz 'Ere : The Grimstead Special

Ever since I started read Scootering International I've been totally blown away with the Gran Sport in the above picture ad that was restored by Gran Sport Scooters in the UK. It's really the most beautiful scooter I've ever seen in my life!

Shocking, really! There is something about this Restoration that seems to just capture it all and then some. This scooter is Mod, Sex & Passion all wrapped one freaking drop dead gorgeous Bike. The haunting yellow fog lights, the Florida bars, the silly Moon eyes...I can go forever on how poetic this Vespa is.

I plan to restore my GS exactly like this bike. Truely an inspiration.

Leonardo Flores

Friday, March 16, 2007

Mod Dreams Do Come True: Gran Sport VS5

After owning my VBC 150 Super for 10 years in was time to say "Goodbye." It was a crap bike when I bought it from a friend of mine 11 years ago. But it was love at first site! I knew that bike was going to be mine. People rolled their eyes and said it would never run again, but I made it happen. It just needed a little love.

By time I was through the Bus Yellow had become a beautiful Silver/blue and the bike was restrored original Ulma accessories, Mirrors and lights, Florida bars and a rear spare tire to boot. It was a great looking bike. I knew one day I was going to make Young Birds Fly and I wanted to own the main scooter of the film. Plus a mod should have a Vespa or Lambretta. Standard issue if you ask me.

But after 11 years and the Young Birds Fly release in the next few weeks it was time to move up to a new Vespa.

I was hitting up Bar Italia Classics scooters in Van Nueys in Southern California and in the back of the shop a rough Vespa Gran Sport 1958 VS5...My dream scooter! And I knew that bike was going to me mine! Needless to say by the end of the following week I had bid farewell to my first love The YBF Super and I have purchased The G.S.

So here I am starting over again. The same people are rolling their eyes. I'll be down a scooter for the next two years. But I'm ready to make it happen again. I plan to make a documentry about the restoration of this Bike. It will be the main bike in the YBF sequal I plan to write later this year, This won't be the last time you see this bike...

Wish me luck,

Leonardo Flores

Monday, March 12, 2007

Louise Forestier: I Love Mod Women

I love Mod Women. So much style, so much Got It Together Girl About Town attitude. Any girl 40+ years after the fact and is still putting the impression together is a very cultured person.

Well I Love Louise Forestier. She's just way too cool singing on all those Robert Charlebois songs. The picture sleeve alone of Lindbergh is worth the price admission alone. Louise with her cap, Mod Dress, fake eyelashes and eyeliner, Lipstick, and that sexy little grin.

She's a great singer as well. Screaming and making odd sounds in places where most people wouldn't even think to put a melody. The Album to Lindbergh features a cool photo of Robert on guitar and Louise just getting into it, mic in hand. Really she should be an Mod Icon. Every Mod Girl should know who Louise Forestier is. I bet she's still sexy and Cool.

Leonardo Flores

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Rare Northern Soul: Darius & Terry Edwards

Yesterday I hit up my good friend Brad in Downtown Pomona. He told me he was given a huge lot of 45rpm records, about seven boxes full unsorted, half unsleeved records. The previous owner said all the good stuff was already taken out meaning that all the Elvis records were pulled. So for the next 4 hours I sat and looked through thousands of records, what a way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

I did locate two Northern records: Moments on Stang records 5052 "Where Can I Find Her." A very great record, and it seems that every record on Stang I have found has been a great soul track.

But it's the second record I found "Precious Dove" that threw me for a spin. The record is not on any particular label and looks like a private pressed 45rpm. It even looks like they haven't even fully decided on what they even wanted to call themselves. The label says "Darius & Terry Dane Edwards/ Brother Love" but that looks like it's been crossed out with a pen and replaced with "Sir Dane & Darius". Even the A and B side had been crossed out not even decided what the plug side should be. I checked BMI if anybody has published their songs under those names and I came up with nothing. By the looks of the label and the recording it appeard it's from the Mid-seventies.

But the song "Precious Dove" is fantastic! The recording is a bit thin but it works for this song. The song starts off with fast Curtis Mayfield style congas beats. A few bars into the song the violins and horns start which gives it that Northern feel we all love so much. The rythm guitar and singer are ace and it's just a wonderful song to dance to.

Darius Edwards & Terry Edwards I salute you!

Leonardo Flores