Monday, April 27, 2009


Why is it that every time I list a Japanese food product here I have to put an exclamation mark behind the name of the product? My friends from of work knew of my love for Ramune soda from Japan and were kind enough to buy me a bunch a flavors I have never tasted before as a gift. While the standard Ramune flavor has a bubble-gum flavor, it was great to have a sample of some of the other flavors that were until recently unavailable here in the USA. Melon and strawberry were the best and are highly recommended.

The Tigers Golden Best GS Sound

On a recent trip from Japan my friend from work was kind enough to bring back this Group Sound CD for me. Luckily the CD that he brought back was one of the biggest Japanese bands of the genre, The Tigers. This CD is a nice comp of all their a-side singles that were released on Japan Polydor from the mid-sixties to when they reformed in the 1980's.

There are some great tracks here worth picking up on vinyl such as My Mary, Seaside Bound and C-C-C, with some I've already manage to located and purchase. For some the CD might be a bit heavy on the sentimental ballads that the Japanese are so good at recording, and since I love those types of songs Its not a problem with me.

The Tigers are one of the seminal GS groups and considering you get all the A-side singles this is a great entry level pick up for the GS sound.

©2009 Leonardo Flores

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Strawberry Pocky like the old days when I was a kid! Pick up a box today!

Monday, April 6, 2009


August 2007. I just moved to Uptown Whittier and I began to check out many of the local shops. Being a Belgium beer fan I made my way into a newly opened wine shop called Vinatero Wine Shop in uptown. When I walked in the gentleman behind the counter said, " The Mods are here!" That one moment began a good friendship in the greatest shop in Whittier or do I dare say Southern California.

Owners Lisa & Ernie are some of the most happening and stylish people I know. The shop has huge selection of wine and if you like you can stroll up to the wine tasting area and for a price sample some of the weekly featured wines. The friendly staff know their wine and are always willing to help you with pick out a bottle vino for your event or dinner table. And if you are a Beer fan like myself they have an excellent selection of international beers to purchase and a few select beers to try out in the tasting area. This isn't a bar atmosphere but a classy and intimate place to take close friends or dates to but still have a fun relaxing evening unlike those uptight holes in the wall on the Westside. Highly recommended if you live in Southern California! If you stop by I'll be the guy with the Kwak in hand.

Vinatero Wine Shop Uptown Whittier 6531 Greenleaf Ave. Whittier CA 90601 (562) 464-Wine