Friday, March 16, 2007

Mod Dreams Do Come True: Gran Sport VS5

After owning my VBC 150 Super for 10 years in was time to say "Goodbye." It was a crap bike when I bought it from a friend of mine 11 years ago. But it was love at first site! I knew that bike was going to be mine. People rolled their eyes and said it would never run again, but I made it happen. It just needed a little love.

By time I was through the Bus Yellow had become a beautiful Silver/blue and the bike was restrored original Ulma accessories, Mirrors and lights, Florida bars and a rear spare tire to boot. It was a great looking bike. I knew one day I was going to make Young Birds Fly and I wanted to own the main scooter of the film. Plus a mod should have a Vespa or Lambretta. Standard issue if you ask me.

But after 11 years and the Young Birds Fly release in the next few weeks it was time to move up to a new Vespa.

I was hitting up Bar Italia Classics scooters in Van Nueys in Southern California and in the back of the shop a rough Vespa Gran Sport 1958 VS5...My dream scooter! And I knew that bike was going to me mine! Needless to say by the end of the following week I had bid farewell to my first love The YBF Super and I have purchased The G.S.

So here I am starting over again. The same people are rolling their eyes. I'll be down a scooter for the next two years. But I'm ready to make it happen again. I plan to make a documentry about the restoration of this Bike. It will be the main bike in the YBF sequal I plan to write later this year, This won't be the last time you see this bike...

Wish me luck,

Leonardo Flores

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