Friday, March 27, 2009

Not Made in the USA!

I am always trying to collect and watch the entire filmographies of my favorite directors. Sometimes this is an easy feat but it is amazing to see what films have not been released on DVD in our beloved region 1. Here is a short list of films I am waiting to be released on Region 1 to complete my filmography collection:

Alfred Hitchcock:

I love B.I.P Hitchcock and quite a few are still not available:

1925 The Pleasure Garden:
The UK has a DVD release but Hitchcock's first film is still unavailable stateside

1927 Downhill
1929 Blackmail Silent
1929 Blackmail Sound
Typical of the era some films made in both sound and silent. While the sound version of Blackmail is a mainstay of various budget collections the silent version, that some critics say is better, is unavailable.

1930 Murder!
1930 Mary –(German Version of Murder)
Using a different set of actors, Hitchcock directed a German version of Murder that is not available in the USA.

1930 Elstree Calling (Unavailable in the US / co-directed revue)
1934 Waltzes from Vienna (unavailable in US)

Francis Ford Coppola

1966 You're a Big Boy Now
1969 The Rain People
The film Coppola made before The Godfather has not had a DVD release yet.
1989 New York Story- Wide screen please!

Frank Capra

A bulk of Capra's late 20's early 30's films have not been released on DVD. I'm not sure how many of these are shorts or lost films as 1928 alone has 10 entries. The Donovan Affair sounds great! I would love to see it....

1928 So This Is Love? (unavailable)
1928 The Way of the Strong (unavailable)
1928 Say It with Sables (Unavailable)
1928 Submarine (unavailable)
1928 The Power of the Press (Unavailable)
1928 The Way of the Strong (Unavailable)
1928 The Burgler (unavailble)
1929 The Younger Generation (unavailable)
1929 The Donovan Affair (unavailable)
1929 Flight (unavailable)
1930 Ladies of Leisure (unavailable)
1930 Rain or Shine (unavailable)
1931 Dirigible (unavailable)
1931 The Miracle Woman (unavailable)
1932 Forbidden (unavailable)
1932 The Bitter Tea of General Yen (unavailable)

Fritz Lang:

1919 Harakiri aka Madame Butterfly

While a bulk of Lang's German films are available, his second film hasn't been released. I'm not sure if it's because it's lost or not.

Jean-Luc Godard

Focusing on his pre 1968 films only four are not available, I'm sure it's a matter of time that somebody like Criterion releases the rest although some of these have been released but are now out of print. His 70's and 80's films is another story...


(Update 4-23-09: Criterion will be releasing the following in June:
1966 MADE IN U.S.A. (Criterion)

More on this later!

Michelangelo Antonioni

Red Desert please!

1952 I vinti (The Vanquished, 1952) No US
1953 La signora senza camelie (The Lady Without Camelias No US
1964 Il deserto rosso (The Red Desert Unavailable in the US
1972 Chung Kuo (China, 1972) No US
1981 Il mistero di Oberwald (The Mystery of Oberwald, 1981) NoUS
1982 Identificazione di una donna (Identification of a Woman) NoUS
1995 Beyond the Clouds Unavailable in the USA

Ralph Balkshi

1975 Coonskin-
1982 Hey Good Lookin'
1992 Cool World-although Just taken out of print, many are still available.

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