Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Akiko Wada: Tall & Soulful

I'm hung up on 1960's Japan. Just in case you do not know ( and trust me many people are still clueless) the 1960's happened in other countries besides England. Really! Regardless lately I've been learning how to read and write Japanese and accordingly It's great to finally check out Japanese web-sites that are devoted to 1960's Japan.

Digging around recently at Buena Park record swap I came across this record by Japanese Soul singer Akiko Wada called Pouring Rain ( Or "Hard Rain" depending on your translation)( RCA JRT - 1020) $1.00 less in my pocket I was pleased to hear a great sounding soul record when I played it again later at home.

I have since found a couple Blogs about this record...and they all say it's a great record as well. Pouring Rain is a nice mid tempo song with a grooving 1960's organ playing the hook throughout the song with some solid brass playing in other parts. Akiko has a loud soulful emotional voice. Collectively the single has a good groove and fun to dance to. Accordingly I'm trying to locate the full length LP for the collection as the B-Side is great song as well.

Akiko Wada was born in Japan of Korean parents. I believe Pouring Rain is her second single. Dig that EP cover as well, she's super cute with ultra style. Did I mention she was tall?

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